Wageningen UR trains local staff for research facilities in the Middle East


Wageningen UR trains local staff for research facities in the Middle East

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23 februari 2015

Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture is involved in the establishment of horticultural research centers in the Middle East where food security and food safety are important political and social issues. The construction of these centres is now in progress. The operational management as well as the research activities will be done by a local staff in cooperation with Wageningen UR. In order to have a trained staff ready when the horticultural research facility is established a training was provided.

The training involved all aspects related to the operation of the center, including crop management, fertigation, climate control, integrated pest management, operation management, and research activities. The knowledge was provided theoretically as well as practically. Two greenhouse compartments at the research station in Bleiswijk were used from this. Once the centres are established the training will continue locally in combination which research being done.

Involvement Wageningen UR Glastuinbouw

The establishment of a horticultural center starts by formulating a research agenda for the coming years. Based on this agenda and other conditions like budget a design is made by Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture. The design is provided as a tender document which is send to various greenhouse builders worldwide.  The involvement continues during the construction, commissioning, and the research.

Food safety and food security

The main research theme for the Middle East is water efficient production. Possible technologies in this field like soilless culture combined with recirculation of drain water and alternative cooling methods are studied and compared with the current state of the art. Based on the scientific knowledge an economic sustainable assessment can be made which technologies provide food safety and food security.