Wageningen University on Internationalisation


Wageningen University on Internationalisation

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3 april 2018

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is a leading international university in the domain of life sciences. We are valued for our world-class education provided in inter- and multidisciplinary study programmes, that focus on contributing to sustainable solutions for complex societal challenges. Recently, the role of internationalisation in Higher Education has become more and more topic of debate in the public arena.

Why is internationalisation important?

Our domain is global, and as an international research organisation, we contribute to innovation and development of solutions for scientific and societal challenges. Internationalisation is not a separate aim, but merely part of our identity.

We prepare students for works and life in an international, intercultural and multi-stakeholder environment. Students are therefore educated in an international classroom, where they work and learn with fellow students from various origins and are explicitly trained in intercultural skills. Employers worldwide highly appreciate the international skills of Wageningen graduates.

In science English is regarded as lingua franca (the common language), so students need to be trained in English in order to understand and write papers.

Also outside the academic environment English is important. The Dutch trade in agricultural and food products is 100 billion Euro annually, covering 10% of Dutch international trade. Research, innovation and education play an important role in this tradel.

English Language

Wageningen University offers 19 bachelor’s and 29 master’s programmes.
Most of the first year bachelor courses are taught in Dutch, in the second and third year many courses are given in English. The language of instruction in the bachelor’s programme Tourism and all our master’s programmes is English. From 2018/2019 onwards, five more bachelor’s programmes will be fully taught in English.

Student numbers

The composition of our student community has not changed drastically the last few years, it had been about 25% for several years. In the bachelor programme’s 5% and in the master’s programmes about 40% has an international background.

Composition and numbers of students at WUR

The students originate from all over the world.

Top 10: Total number of students per country

Wageningen University was the first university to be awarded the NVAO (Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders) distinctive quality feature “internationalisation” and the preliminary conclusions of the panel in the recent institutional audit (January 2018) also advise positively on re-awarding this feature.

Both students satisfaction and staff quality are carefully monitored.


Wageningen University & Research is working in an international domain and is recognised as a leading institute. We are at the top of international rankings in our domain.

WUR projects are worldwide. Collaboration within Europe and with international institutions contribute to the scientific position of WUR and the innovation for Dutch industry & society.


Many of our alumni work in an international environment. Even the majority, working in the Netherlands, are often engaged in many international and intercultural contacts working at ministries, multinationals and non-governmental organisations.