Wageningse studenten uitermate tevreden over hun studie


Wageningen Universitystudents very satisfied with their study programmes

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18 mei 2016

Students in Wageningen are very satisfied with their study programmes. They give their studies at Wageningen University a score of 4.27 out of 5. They also praised the excellent atmosphere and would highly recommend studying in Wageningen. This is evident from the annual National Student Survey (NSE) of Studiekeuze123, in which more than a hundred thousand students took part from all Dutch universities.

The scores Wageningen University students gave were exceptionally high, just like last year. For almost all of the more than 75 scoring possibilities covering 17 themes, Wageningen students gave their university a “significantly higher” score than the average of the thirteen Dutch universities. The response rate (more than 5000 students, 54.7%) is distinctly higher than the national average.

The scores were especially high in the categories Group Size, Lecturers (substantive and didactic skills, supervision and inspiration), Study Facilities (workspaces, IT facilities and digital learning environment) and Internship Experience, which were all above 4 points. Wageningen has a strong lead over the other university cities in availability and affordability of student housing.

Higher than in 2015

Major differences with 2015 are found in the category Study Timetable (timely publication of study timetable: +0.13 and changes to the study timetable: +0.07). A considerably higher score was also attained for three subcomponents of Study Facilities: suitability of workspaces (+0.08 to 4.12), ICT facilities (+0.08 to 4.07), and digital learning environment (+0.04 to 4.06). There was also a significant increase in two subcomponents of Housing: availability of housing (+0.18 to 3.83) and affordability (+0.15 to 3.96).

Only in the category Study Environment does Wageningen score considerably lower on three of the five subcomponents than the other university cities. Accessibility and dining, nightlife and cultural facilities are rated lower than the national average. The accessibility did receive a better score than in 2015 (+0.13), probably due to the opening of the on-campus bus lane. On-campus sports and catering facilities in this category once again received an above-average score.

Recent years have shown a gradual upward trend in Wageningen University scores. “Your study in general” is as high as the one in 2015 (4.27), but higher than prior years (4.21 in 2014 and 4.19 in 2013). A slight growth of student satisfaction is also visible nationwide. 72.4% of students are satisfied with the content of their programmes (71.9% in 2015).

In the National Survey, over 700,000 students from 70 academic universities and universities of applied sciences provided their opinion on various topics regarding their study programme.