Wageningen World: herbs drive out antibiotics


Wageningen World: herbs drive out antibiotics

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10 juni 2015

The use of herbs and bacteria drinks in livestock farming is increasing. Practice and research show that with this, the use of antibiotics can be diminished greatly, as is described in the main article in the latest edition of Wageningen World. Spectacular results can sometimes be achieved with natural agents.

This article about herbs as antibiotics can be read in the newest Wageningen World.

Also in the magazine is an article about the search for the weak spot of the spotted wing drosophila, the exotic Asian species which are multiplying at an alarming rate and are becoming a hazard for Dutch fruit farming. Also included is a background story on the fascinating underground world of bacteria, fungi, nematodes, worms and insects, and their large impact on the life above ground. And, of course, a good-bye interview with Rector Magnificus Martin Kropff.

That and more in the latest edition of the quarterly magazine of Wageningen UR, which will arrive locally and abroad in the mailboxes of alumni, relations and other interested parties. A digital version of the magazine is available online if you have an online subscription.

For more information, visit the webpage of Wageningen World.