Wageningen residents get birthday cake from WUR

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13 maart 2018

Wageningen residents who had their birthday 9 March got an unexpected visit: Wageningen University & Research treated all residents of Wageningen who were having their birthday to a delicious cake. This happened in the context of the 100th anniversary of WUR that same day.

In total, 99 cakes were distributed to residents of the city who were having their birthday. ‘This number is entirely coincidental’, says Door van der Sloot, coordinator of 100 years WUR.  In addition to the University, exactly 99 people had their Birthday on 9 March.’

Unfortunately they did not have any time for some coffee and a slice of cake
Hubert Kleijn

In the morning, the cakes were picked up at Rijn IJssel vocational school. Van der Sloot and her colleague stopped by at sixteen addresses themselves. ‘We got really nice reactions from people’, she says. ‘Everyone was pleasantly surprised.’ Hubert Kleijn, born and raised in Wageningen turned 78 years old. He accepted the cake with a smile on his face. ‘I was the first one they visited”, he says, ‘so unfortunately, they did not have any time for some coffee and a slice of cake’.

The second cake was for Björn Linders-Molthoff, International Land and Water Management student at WUR. He turned 25 years old and had just woken up when the doorbell rang. ‘It was very nice to receive a cake. I had a free day and the night before, I caved in, so I slept in for a bit. If they would have come a couple minutes earlier, I probably would have still been in bed.'

Whenever nobody answered the door, Van der Sloot and her companion stopped by again later. “Or we brought the cake to the neighbours and in a few cases, we could leave it in a safe place outside in front of the door”, she says, reminiscing about the cake delivery.