Watching Ink Dry: Unraveling drying & film formation in inkjet printing

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24 oktober 2017

On Thursday 19th of October dr. ir. Joris Sprakel recieved a grant for the following project:

Inkjet printing has rapidly become a household technology; used by everyday consumers in their homes, to the production of professional printed matter and high-tech applications such as
diagnostics and additive manufacturing. Nonetheless, much remains unknown about what happens when a droplet of ink is released by the printer and lands on the substrate of interest; this lack of insight prevents the effective development of new, and more sustainable, printing processes. In this project we will use an innovative experimental methodology to unravel with great resolution, in both space and time, what is the fate of ink droplets after they leave the printer. These insights will form a stepping stone for new innovations in the printing industry

For more information see: NWO