Miljarden mensen voorzien van voldoende gezond voedsel is een enorme opgave. Met onderzoek en onderwijs draagt Wageningen UR haar steentje bij aan het terugdringen van honger in de wereld. Foto: Shutterstock/Duron123


WebBook 'Food for all' available

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16 oktober 2014

Contributing to global food and nutrition security is Wageningen UR's main goal. With research and education Wageningen scientists and students aim to do their part to eradicate hunger. How? By approaching the problem from many different angels. The webBook 'Food for all' describes the multidisciplinary Wageningen approach.

The webBook 'Food for all' is a digital version of the book (with the same title) that was published in 2013 for the 95th anniversary of Wageningen University. By making the contents of this book easily accessible on the worldwide web a much bigger audience can be reached. The people that took the initiative to digitalise the book hope that the web version of 'Food for all' will also be used for educational purposes.

Page through 'Food for all'

Food and nutrition security from four angles

A big advantage of the web verion - compared to the paper version - is that it is immediately clear that food and nutrition security is approached from four different angels: Availability of food, Access to food, Utilisation of ingredients and (as an overall theme) Sustainability. "A book is often read from cover to cover. The digital version makes it easy to navigate straight to the subjects that the visitor finds most interesting", say Herman van Keulen and Harrie Lövenstein, who developed the webBook. "It also becomes apparent at one glance how various topics are related to none another."