Webinar Bridging Research and Policy Responses to COVID-19

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5 juni 2020

The magnitude and breadth of COVID-19 impacts across the world, as we know today, are colossal and are yet to be quantified, but we already know that nations will experience massive economic downturns, with the IMF predicting a contraction in global growth in 2020.

While western countries are struggling to provide measures to mitigate the economic impacts due to reduced economic activities, the economies of LMICs are more at risk. As a response, governments have channelled or redirected significant resources toward addressing COVID-19, limiting the resources available for investment in productive sectors or for official development assistance.

Ever, as in the last few months, has the World witnessed an endless number of projections, simulations, and predictions about the evolution of the COVID-19. Virologists, scientists, economists have tried to use theoretical models to infer the unknown implications of the pandemics. In the meantime, Policy makers were busy more than ever to make fast decisions, actions, and fund allocations.

The two Lightning Talks on Bridging Research and Policy Responses to COVID-19 aims to bring together academics and policy makers to synthetize responses on the most relevant topics for the RBAs: the future of the value chain, food security, of the women, youth and vulnerable groups in the post-lockdown era.