Webinar Indoor Farming - the future of food - recordings now available online.

Published on
October 13, 2017

On November 1 a Webinar on Indoor Farming was organized by AESOP Sustainable Food Planning and LE:NOTRE Institute. The theme was: Indoor Farming (Is this the future of food?). Prof. Leo Marcelis of HPP was one of the invited speakers. A recording of the webinar is now available online.

Invited Speakers: LFM (Leo) Marcelis

Head of chair group Horticulture and Product Physiology at Wageningen UR
Exploring and exploiting the physiology of plants in order to sustainably grow plants of a guaranteed quality (taste, shelf life, health promoting compounds) in vertical farms by smart technologies including LED lighting, plant sensors, hydroponics.

dr. JW (Jan Willem) van der Schans

Wageningen Economic Research
With a wide expertise on rooftop, indoor and inner city horizontal farming, and focus on the business models, policy implications, technical possibilities Dr. van der Schans can make a X-ray of the field and the future of indoor growing.