Welcome to visiting PhD Linn Rabe

Published on
January 11, 2016

Linn Rabe is a visiting PhD-student in environmental science from Sodertorn University, Sweden. Until February, 19th, she will be at ENP to get inspired, especially on the topic of marine governance. This is the final year of her fellowship and she hopes her time at ENP will give a great boost in order to complete the monography.

Her PhD-project is about public participation in multi-level marine governance. She uses two comparative case-studies of local processes in Sweden where the HELCOM’s agreement to establish a System of Coastal and Marine Baltic Sea Protected Areas in the Baltic Sea (Helcom MPAs) is implemented in order to explore what participation and procedural justice may mean for the legitimacy of this processes. She will present her work at the marine meeting in January and is looking forward to discuss her research topic with ENP colleagues.

Her supervisors in Sweden are Magnus Bostrom and Fred Saunders, whom some of you may know and she has been invited to ENP by Jan van Tatenhove. Her background is in environmental studies and natural resource management and she have been working in Kenya, Zanzibar and India before committing to the Baltic Sea region. She is affiliated to the Baltic Sea and East European Graduate School (BEEGS).