What Gert Jan Hofstede reads

Published on
January 13, 2011

The 52-year-old Gert Jan Hofstede is an associate professor in Information Management at Wageningen University and is a big user of the library's offering. He uses the information for his work but also for, as he calls them, his wide and varying interests. Hofstede also has several publications to his name, including the striking 'Everybody Thinks Differently: Dealing with Cultural Differences'. He is also a columnist for the Resource, the weekly newspaper for Wageningen UR, and wrote under the title Publication tsunami, a critical piece on the large number of (superfluous?) publications that are being produced by Wageningen UR employees.

You can safely call Gert Jan a fan of the Library. He regularly visits the library in the Leeuwenborch building, which is also where he works; he mainly uses the Leeuwenborch library to borrow books. He can get really excited about the Wageningen UR Digital Library, which he describes as excellent with an exclamation point. In the Digital Library, he mostly looks for journal articles. The way that he goes about searching varies each time, but he says that he always finds what he's looking for.

The former biology student is well informed about the service that the library can offer and also knows how to find information specialist Marc Loman. He is also familiar with WaY, which he thinks is handy for review reports, and has followed a Metis course at the library for filling in publications and for help in choosing the correct category.

Because of his study in Wageningen and because of his current position, he has seen the Wageningen Library grow and he can't say anything else than: "Keep doing what you're doing…"

    (newsletter 1-2009)