What can knowledge about area-management offer Chinese aquaculture students?

Published on
May 26, 2017

This week Mariska Bottema, PhD researcher in ENP, introduced students in China to basic concepts in aquaculture governance, and presented some preliminary results from her current research looking at different models of area-management in South East Asian aquaculture.

Mariska joined Han Han, CEO of Chinese NGO China Blue Sustainability Institute, and her team at a career orientation day at the Academy of Marine Science at Hainan University. Han Han and her team introduced a group of undergrad aquaculture students to the exciting work China Blue does to develop a sustainable seafood industry in China. Next to introducing China Blue’s mission and projects to the students, the goal of the afternoon was to inform technical aquaculture students about career opportunities in the field of aquaculture. The idea was to show students what they can do with their degree, beyond the jobs which they are already familiar with such as supplying technical services for input suppliers and processing companies.

You can find more about Mariska’s research project here: ‘Principles of area-based management and certification of aquaculture in Southeast Asia’.