What does Filip van Noort read

Published on
March 24, 2009

In Bleiswijk, a new office location is being built on the Violierenweg for employees of Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture. On the ground floor, the building will have connectable rooms, a library, a few large offices and a room for taste research. The first floor will have workplaces and meeting rooms. According to the construction schedule, the building will be completed before this summer. The new building will end the Greenhouse Horticulture's temporary housing that started in 2007. "The library is housed in a temporary location and it doesn't entice users to stay", according to Filip van Noort. "We're assuming that starting in June, it will be a bit better in the new building."

Since 2001, Filip has been working as a crop specialist on potted plants, patio plants, summer annuals and Gerbera for Greenhouse Horticulture. Even though the situation is not ideal, he regularly visits the library's reading room to read journals in his field. "I read Glas in het nieuws (Glass in the News), which is being produced again, and get quite a bit of information from old Acta Horticulturae, but also from American, German and Belgian journals". He also uses the digital library relatively frequently. He explains, "I often get questions about all kinds of potted plants; questions about the way to cultivate them, to get them to bloom etc. I first look in my EndNote file, where I have literature about all kinds of research and articles from journals. Then I look further in CAB Abstracts and, if necessary, I request literature". The 42-year-old researcher mentions that literature is always the base for making research proposals or answering questions

They've been making do for awhile, but in a few months the researchers from Greenhouse Horticulture can use a brand new library in Bleiswijk. Filip is looking forward to it and will certainly be a faithful visitor.

(newsletter 2-2009)