What happened to the books?

Published on
October 23, 2007

We've recently received a thank-you letter from the Pattimura University Library for the large book donation from the collection of the Wageningen UR Library.  With our donation, the university on Ambon has been able to supplement its collection a bit after the university's original library collection was lost in a fire. This gift was possible because book doubles were removed from Wageningen UR's collection when several libraries were moved to the Forum Building.  

Although the closed libraries had their own identity and fields, the collections overlapped quite a bit.  The library surplus material was dealt with in the following ways: multiple copies of frequently used books became part of the Forum collection while a selection of books was sent to libraries abroad (Ambon, Afghanistan), donated to museums and made available to employees of the chair groups and institutes.  

The remaining books were sold to antiquarian bookshops and enthusiasts or went - for a small part and only as a last resort - into the paper container.

(Newletter 6-2007)