What to do if you can't install the Mendeley Cite add-in?

Published on
February 19, 2021

If you have upgraded your Mendeley reference manager software recently you may have experienced some issues with the Mendeley cite add-in. Read here what you can do about it.

Mendeley Cite plugin and add-in

Mendeley cite allows you to cite as you write and is therefore an important function of your reference manager software.

The previous versions of Mendeley (Mendeley desktop, up to v1.19.8), are working with a plugin to activate this function in Word. The newest version of Mendeley (Mendeley Reference Manager, v2.12.0 and above) is using an add-in instead.

Current issue and how to resolve it

If your Office Word license is provided by the WUR, it is currently not possble to install add-ins. It is still possible to install plugins.

  • If you have recently installed or upgraded to Mendeley Reference Manager (starting from v2.12.0), we recommend you to downgrade to Mendeley Desktop (up to 1.19.8).
  • Do not install the stand alone Mendeley Cite add-in
  • Do not accept to upgrade to Mendeley Reference Manager when prompted to by Mendeley Desktop.

You can install Mendeley Desktop through the WUR software center (previously !Available software) or directly on the Mendeley website.

If you have any questions about Mendeley, please contact us by email.