Wide range of views on sustainability during first TEDx Wageningen University event

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6 november 2018

“Learn today, from speakers and your neighbours, how you can contribute to sustainability.” This was the message that both Geert van Rumund, Mayor of Wageningen, and Michiel Voskamp, Chairman of TEDx Wageningen University, had at the start of TEDx Wageningen University. During this TEDx event, which was organised for the first time in Junushoff, twelve speakers took the stage around the theme: the Green Wave.

The day was opened by mayor Geert van Rumund, who pointed out the green character of the city of Wageningen, but also emphasised how the world is bigger than Wageningen and the Netherlands. He mentioned examples of sustainability he had seen himself in Nepal, and said that it made him “hopeful that sustainability is on the agenda in a poor country.”

The theme of sustainability was approached from different angles. Sustainable lifestyle expert Marieke Eyskoot kicked off with an heartfelt pledge for sustainability and equality in the fashion industry, saying that it is possible for us as consumers to  ”do good, look good, and feel great” at the same time.  Journalist Hidde Boersma and Food Hub Co-founder Joris Lohman on the other hand took a meta look at sustainability, illustrating how polarisation between different views on achieving sustainability actually slows doing just that. Artist Charlie Williams, who came to Wageningen for the 100 years WUR project Creative Innovation: Art meets Science, called the audience to take a look at their personal identity and which parts they could let go of in order to improve growing as a person and connecting to one another.  

The programme did not only consist of speeches, also music, poetry and videos were seen on stage. The entire event was knit together by comedian Emma Holmes, who loosened up the audience with interactive games and humour.

For more information on Tedx Wageningen, see the event.