Oud-studentes passeren het Hoofdgebouw en het standbeeld 'De Zaaier', 7e Lustrum WVSV, 1953, ArchiefWVSV-Ceres


Women, Agricultural Sciences and Wageningen: a new image collection

Published on
June 17, 2019

This collection of 217 images, mainly photos, illustrate women students, scholars and graduate life at the Wageningen Agricultural College (Landbouwhogeschool) and University. They were taken from 1918 to 2003. Some were used to illustrate the book 'Vrouwen, Wageningen en de wereld. Wetenschap, studie en loopbaan, 1918-2003'.

'Vrouwen, Wageningen en de wereld' was written by Margreet van der Burg and Marian Bos-Boers and published by Uitgeverij Verloren in 2003. Approximately 100 images from this collection were used to illustrate the topics covered in the book.

The book focuses not only on study choice and study results, but also on study climate, student life and the social position of the graduated women.

You can find all images of Women, Agricultural Sciences and Wageningen here. You can download them for free.

Examples from the new collection:

Onderzoek naar het zuiggedrag van kalveren, 1987
Onderzoek naar het zuiggedrag van kalveren, 1987
Laboratorium Tuinbouwplantenteelt, 1934
Laboratorium Tuinbouwplantenteelt, 1934