World Wide Wageningen Alumni Day -lectures by Wageningen Academy

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15 mei 2018

On 23 June an unforgettable international alumni day will take place. We are celebrating 100 years of Wageningen University & Research together. A varied programme will be organised on Wageningen Campus amongst others. We contribute to the programme with three lectures.

Sustainable Food & Nutrition

The theme of this day is Sustainable Food & Nutrition. Healthy and safe food is essential and food forms a bond between people. During World Wide Wageningen Alumni Day, food connects our alumni to each other and to their alma mater. Special events such as the Online Worldwide Dialogue and the Live Cooking event will take place on this day.

Alumni Day in Wageningen
–we are present

Between 13.30 and 17.30 different lectures, dialogues, demo’s and guided tours will take place during the Alumni day. Wageningen Academy contributes to the programme with three lectures:

Session 1: 14.00-15.00

Executive education, Janine Luten, Miel Hooijdonk en Agnes Kiss

Wageningen University & Research offers executive education for a abroad audience, from mid-careers to CEO’s. This session is your chance to learn more about our programmes and participate in a real-life business case. 

Session 2: 15.15-16.15

How to live healthy, Annemien Haveman

A healthy lifestyle contributes to our health, from young to old. We can all agree with this, but what exactly is a healthy lifestyle? Is it something for patients, fanatics or can we all benefit? Annemien Haveman will inform you on the latest research insights and test your knowledge via a quiz.
(presentation and quiz will be in Dutch)

Session 3:  16.30-17.30

Insects as Food and Feed, Arnold van Huis 

The FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) predicts that the overall demand for protein will keep on rising. This creates challenges for the Global Food & Agri market. One of the solutions, or contributors to the problem could be the use of insects as food & feed. Arnold van Huis will tell you all about insects as food & feed. He will also explain why we developed a Summer School in regard to this subject.

You can find more information and / or register on the World Wide Wageningen Alumni Day webpage.