"You cannot roll them there"

Published on
March 27, 2007

After the first plans for the Forum building were announced the Library appointed Marianne van Boven as coordinator new housing facilities. She was regularly in consultation with the architect and the other future inhabitants about the library’s plans and wishes. Later on, she became coordinator removal activities as well. Together with Bertus Blankensteijn, head document delivery ( “call me the floor manager”) she planned a route, which in April will lead to the removal of eleven library locations. Several years ago the library staff at the various location already began with the de-doubling and renumbering of the collections.  

According to a tight schedule the libraries are going to be moved. A total of 19 kilometres of books and journal titles is going to be moved. In the depot of the Forum library 24 kilometers of new rolling bookcases are going to be placed. Bertus: “We have literally measured all locations with a measuring tape. Moreover, you have to take into account the growth of the journals collection. Moving the present bookcases was impossible, you cannot roll them there. You have to break them down and build them up again. That would take weeks. Marianne adds: “Together with the removal firm Convoi a method was invented with stickers and tabs so that the volumes will be put in the right place. Also a schedule was made for bookcases and shelves to prevent removers, some twenty of them, to be in each other’s way.

First to be moved is the Jan-Kopshuis property. According to planning 400 meters of volumes are moved per day and it is estimated that the job will be done in two and a half weeks. Only for studying the library will be open untill 16 May. Then follows removal of the other collections.  The depot will remain closed until the whole removal is finished. Marianne thinks that the gigantic logistic job will be done in approx. 5 weeks.

(Newsletter 2-2007)