Young scientists advocate for open data

Published on
November 27, 2015

On Monday November 30th Joep Keijsers and Ate Poortinga defend their PhD thesis. Both of them plead for open data in the propositions which are accompanying their theses.

They are examples of a new generation of researchers who are entering the academia.

Joep Keijsers' thesis 'Modelling foredune dynamics in response to climatic change', proposition no. 3:

'Supplementing scientific articles with “all input data, scripts, versions, parameters, and intermediate results”(cf. Sandve et al., 2013, PLoS Comput Biol 9(10):e1003285) not only improves transparency and reproducibility, but also contributes to the quality of the work'.

Ate Poortinga's thesis 'Beach sand dynamics: measurements, models, and scales', proposition no. 5:

'Scientific data, manuscripts and models obtained by publicly funded research should be freely available to everyone'.

These PhD theses and all other Wageningen University PdD theses can be found in the dissertations database from Wageningen UR Library.