Your ResearcherID of Web of Science moved to Publons

Published on
April 24, 2019

Do you have a ResearcherID in Web of Science? Then you might now have a Publons profile. All ResearcherIDs that were set to ‘public’ have been moved to Publons.

Publons is a platform that lets you showcase your peer reviewing and journal editing activities. At the moment, 362 researchers from WUR have a Publons profile.

Clarivate, owner of Web of Science and Publons, recently transferred all ResearcherIDs to the Publons platform. This means Publons now displays your publications in Web of Science and the metrics based on these (citation counts, h-index), together with any peer reviewing and editing activities you register. Publons has partnerships with journals to make it easy to add verified review activities to your profile.

Within Web of Science, the ResearcherID can still be used to look for publications by certain authors, like yourself. Having a ResearchID is therefore good for the visibility and findability of your work.

How to use Publons?

  • If you have a ResearcherID, log in to Publons with your ResearcherID login details
  • If you have a ResearcherID and a Publons profile, your two profiles have been merged (in Publons)
  • If you have neither, you can create a Publons profile and a ResearcherID will be assigned to it.

Any links to your previous ResearcherID page will be redirected to your Publons profile. Find more information about researcher profiles on the library website.

Do you need help? Please email the Servicedesk.