Registration International Conference Deltas in Times of Climate Change II, 2014 now open

Published on
February 14, 2014

The registration for the International Conference Deltas in Times for Climate Change, 24-26 September 2014 in Rotterdam is now open! Early bird is available till 15 July.

Floods in Bangkok and the Thames delta, salt intrusion in Egypt and Bangladesh: these are just some examples of rising risks to deltas and delta cities driven by climate change. Action is required now. Exchanging scientific knowledge, lessons learned and best practices is vital. This conference will make that happen.

The three main goals of the conference are:

  • Exchanging of up-to-date top science on climate change and delta planning
  • Exploring and intensifying the links between science, policy and practice
  • Strengthening of international cooperation between deltas and delta cities

Visit the Conference website for more information.