Free teaching video modules in Cell Biology and Genetics

Published on
September 3, 2015

Until December 31, the Library is offering free access to the two newest modules from the JoVE Science Education video database: Essentials of Genetics and Essentials of Cell Biology.

The videos give useful background information for courses. Each JoVE Science Education module includes 15 unique videos that describe fundamental concepts and laboratory methods for a specific field, and 75 peer-reviewed video articles that demonstrate how these methods are applied in research.

JoVE Essentials of Genetics: this collection focuses on genetics. The collection is divided into five modules covering broad subdisciplines in genetics: genetic analysis, genetics and disease, gene expression, epigenetics, and genetic engineering.

JoVE Essentials of Cell Biology: this collection provides a glimpse into the field of cell biology. It profiles five important cellular phenomena: cell division, motility, endocytosis and exocytosis, metabolism and cell death.

We hope that these journals are a useful addition to our collection. Please tell us what you think of these journals. Your comments are always welcome.

Read about the JoVE journals Wageningen UR Library has previous subscribed to in the news article ‘JoVE: the first scientific video journal’.