Nominations in design competition for (former) LAR students.

Published on
April 2, 2015

The design competition, launched in the magazine 'Noorderbreedte', by 'Het Groninger Landschap' delivered a lot of entries (74 in total). Five nominees are selected, and there are three (former) LAR students among them (in two teams); Jonas Papenborg, Remco van der Togt and Jeroen Hamers. Link to part of the nominee entries.

The final price giving will be during the 'Wierdedag' on April 24th. During this day the nominees will give a presentation and the jury will select the winner after this.

The competition

'Het Groninger Landschap' wants to realize a mound ('wierde') just outside the dikes at Noordpolderzijl. To gather ideas, Het Groninger Landschap launches in the journal 'Noorderbreedte' a design-competition. This outer dike mound provides the inhabitants of Groningen, but also the rest of the Dutch people, the opportunity to experience a mound. Without the security of a dike, but relying on the idea that you're high enough to keep dry feet. Everyone was invited to enter plans for the outer dike mound.

More than 2,500 years ago the first mounds where built in Groningen, and these artworks have protected the Groningen population for centuries for the looming water. The embankment of the coast along the Wadden Sea, the mounds have lost their primary function, but fortunately many remain. These 'living-hills' have become an important part of the cultural and historical heritage of the province of Groningen. Awareness of the relationship between mounds and the sea however was lost. By creating an outer dike mound 'Het Groninger Landschap' wants return this awareness of living with the sea.