Press release

Paper on Design of Sustainable Energy Landscapes published

Published on
June 9, 2015

Recently, a new research paper on the design of sustainable energy landscape was published, entitled “Incorporating Renewable Energy Science in Regional Landscape Design: Results from a Competition in The Netherlands”. It was authored by Renée de Waal, Sven Stremke, Ingrid Duchhart and Adri van den Brink in collaboration with Anton van Hoorn (PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency). Based on the study of 36 entries for a recent regional design competition, it was concluded that landscape designers so far showed insufficient use of key-strategies for renewable energy transition. Yet also promising strategies emerged that can be characterized as typical for a landscape design approach. They include the careful cultivation of public support by developing inclusive and bottom-up processes, and balancing energy-conscious interventions with other land uses and interests.

Download the full open access paper