Edwin van der Werf (ENR) wins publication award

Published on
June 18, 2015

Last week the Wageningen Social Sciences Publication Awards 2015 were presented by WASS Scientific Director Alfons Oude Lansink, chair of the jury. Winners of the awards are Edwin van der Werf (WASS Best publication) and Jurian Meijering (Most Promising WASS Publication).

The jury of the Wageningen Social Sciences Awards 2015 consisted of two former WASS directors (Arie Oskam and Arthur Mol, now also rector) and Alfons Oude Lansink.

Winner of the Wageningen Social Sciences Award 2015 for the Best WASS Publication is Edwin van der Werf of the Environmental and Resource Economics group with the paper entitled ‘Should we be worried about the green paradox? Announcement effects of the acid rain program’. This is a very nice and original paper in which  the so called  ‘green paradox hypothesis’ is tested. The green paradox hypothesis states that an environmental policy has detrimental effects on the environment if implemented in the wrong way. The paper translates the green paradox hypothesis in four separate hypotheses, of which only one is rejected’. So, there is substantial evidence in support of the green paradox hypothesis. The paper was published in the European Economic Review. Again a very influential journal, and is already starting to be picked up well in the literature.