A mile in my shoes

Ever wondered how someone else sees the world? What life is like for other people? Come to our monthly storytelling nights for a night of empowering stories as we wriggle our toes into other people's shoes and take a walk in their shoes.

Next show

We are back with another amazing year of storytelling!

The next show is Taste the Rainbow
5 October 20:00 @ Theater de Wilde Wereld

It will be an empowering night of stories in celebration of National Coming Out Day! With tales told from, about and in support of, the LGBTQI+ community. We guarantee a fabulous night of laughter, love and battles.

You can just show up with your pals, snuggle up on our seats and prepare yourselves to walk a mile in someone else's shoes.

About A Mile in my Shoes

A mile in my shoes is a collaboration between Wageningen University and EEH productions and consists of a series of storytelling events and workshops around diversity & inclusion topics. Even as children, people learn about the world, themselves and others through the stories they are told. Stories convey personal experiences, values, emotions, and can forge connections among people. They allow you to connect with a person, the storyteller, and gives insight into their life.

Share your story

Do you want to share your story? You are welcome to join one of the upcoming workshops to learn how. You might surprise yourself and tell your story during a show! All will be met and handled with the delicacy and respect that everyone’s story deserves.

The next workshop dates are: Tuesday 17 October and 25 November. Sign up here.

If you are interested in a later date, please let us know on the sign up form and we will let you know as soon has we have dates in 2024

Upcoming shows 2023

Taste the Rainbow
Thursday 5 October 2023
Theater de Wereld @ 20:00

Favourites and Underdogs
Thursday 2 November 2023
Theater de Wereld @ 20:00

Why so sensitive?
Thursday 7 December 2023
Theater de Wereld @ 20:00

All nights are free of charge

Resources and Support

During A mile in my shoes storytelling nights you will hear true stories from people in the WUR community. These stories can be entertaining, thought provoking, emotional and moving. If any of the stories trigger something that you want support with, please know that Wageningen University provides different kinds of guidence for students.

Student Dean

The student deans advise and assist students confidentially with questions concerning areas such as: studying with a disability, study delay due to special circumstances, (temporary) termination of enrolment, financial matters, advice, complaints, or conflicts. More informattion on the support offered and how to make an appointment can be found here

    Student Psychologist

    The student psychologist can help you with personal problems that can lead to study delay, or with study-related health problems. You can come to us with family problems, insecurity, anxiety or gloominess, but also depression, addiction, tension or mourning. More information

    Life Coaches

    Heart-to-heart talk with an experienced coach about life. These are short consultations. A conversation with a good listener may just take a load off your mind. More information

    For a more extensive list of guidence that we offer and an overview of who to contact for wht, please go to the webpage: Find your way.