Alumna Evi Vet - MSc Nutrition and Health (English)

Evi Vet - Youth Representative United Nations: “Biodiversity and Nutrition” & Master Nutrition and Health

I want to bridge the gap between what is healthy for humans and what is good for the planet. Making humans feel and live healthier, while at the same time restoring nature makes me really excited!”

Currently, I’m doing the master Nutrition & Health in Wageningen, and before that I have done the bachelor Plant Sciences. A few months ago I saw that the United Nations was looking for a new Dutch 'youth representative' (Jongerenvertegenwoordiger) for Biodiversity and Nutrition and I immediately got excited. This would be the perfect opportunity to combine my passion for both nature and nutrition.

I am proud to say that I made it! I have collected enough votes from the Dutch youth under 29 to get the position. As a youth representative, I am working for the UN for two years for around 10-20 hours per week and visit schools and conferences. I think that when young people are well educated about nutrition and biodiversity they can make better decisions. So by visiting schools, I want to educate the Dutch youth and challenge them to think out of the box. This way they can come up with innovative ideas for the problems that we are currently facing. I want to bundle these ideas and the opinion of the Dutch youth and share this with the policymakers of the UN.

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