BSc Honours Programme

The BSc Honours Programme is uniquely designed for capable students who aspire to go the extra mile. The extracurricular programme amounts to 30 credits on top of the regular bachelor programme.

Why join the BSc Honours Programme?

Are you a first year BSc student who is highly motivated, creative, and curious? Do you manage your workload well and have a broad interest in the domain of life sciences? If so, this programme is for you.

An important aim of the BSc Honours Programme is to support students in their endeavour to engage in positive academic and societal impact. In this programme you will learn by doing—participating in excursions, projects, workshops, summer schools (i.e. NAHSS) and various extracurricular activities.

This is an environment where you are encouraged to experiment with new ideas and ultimately collaborate across cultural, professional, and personal boundaries.

How is the programme structured?

The WUR Honours Programme starts in BSc year one and continues until year three. As an Honours student, you get the chance to work in an interdisciplinary team, carry out research, experience a summer school, study abroad, and identify your authentic leadership style. You'll also be able to engage with inspiring scientists and policy makers as well as experts from NGO’s and businesses.

For an overview of the main elements composing the 3 year Honours Programme please refer to the image (right) and for more information on these components we have provided a breif description of on this page (below).

Programme Kickoff at Texel

In order to kick-off the programme with an adventure, you will join on a 5-day trip to Texel. Through teambuilding activities with your peers you'll get to know each other better. The kick-off of your Honours Impact Project starts here on Texel where your coach will visit you for a first brainstorming day.

Deep Dive Assignments

Take on extra assignments in your own field of study or interest. For instance, you can approach a professor and agree upon a topic/assignment to carry out. It can be on any subject or methodology in which you have an interest to develop a deeper understanding.

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Leadership & Changemaking Fieldwork

In a weekend activity you will familiarise yourself with some theoretical frameworks on leadership; then you find a leader in the field of your interest and spend time learning from them.

Personal Growth Workshops

Learn from each other, dare to make mistakes, and receive feedback that reaches far beyond the classroom. With professional staff support, we will make a collective effort to shape a safe environment where you and your peers can share your reflections and ambitions.


Being in the Honours Programme means being a part of a community. On a voluntary basis, you have the freedom to design and participate in activities with your peers. Here you can contribute to and embrace a diversity of perspectives.

Honours Impact Projects

In year 2 & 3 you embark on the Honours Impact Projects to produce a self-defined product in interdisciplinary teams. The project theme is proposed by a WUR professor and is related to WUR's mission.

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