Education Experience for teachers & study advisers

The Education Experience team explores the experiences and identifies the needs and opportunities of teachers and study advisers in our Education Experience sessions to ultimately boost change towards an optimal education experience for all.

The upcoming topic for teachers

Experience of a period

In November we will organise a few shorter sessions to create an overview of how students and teachers experience an average educational period. What are the main enablers or obstacles for a successful period, what opportunities do you see? The first two sessions will be focused on mapping the setting in which a course is given or followed and the different experiences, and the last two sessions will dive deeper into what is needed to improve.

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Organizational embedding

The team is part of the Education & Student Affairs department of WUR. We organize sessions in consultation with our client. These clients are department heads, product owners of a system or tool, a programme director, a project leader or anyone else working at WUR who has the capacity to make changes. Our vision is to provide insights to teams at WUR, for the improvement of education related processes and services.

Our way of working

Most of the time clients come to us with a research question regarding their service or tool. One of our product managers plans an intake with the client to discuss the research question and to find out if one of our methods would suit to answer the questions. If this is the case, the session will be planned. After the sessions one of our analyst will analyse the raw data and delivers the results to the client. These results will then be shared via email with the participants of the sessions as well. After the delivery of the results it is up to the client to work with the results and improve the current situation of that system or tool. For a period of 9 months we will check regularly how the client is doing and what changes or improvements were executed.

Examples of previous topics

Over the past years we gained insights in teacher topics such as: Brightspace; Teaching a course; Sharing and Reusing; Teaching during Covid-19; Information provision; and BYOD.

We gained insights in study adviser topics such as: Study advice; Information provision for first year BSc students; Privacy and security.

The session

The session takes about 2 hours and can either be hosted on campus or online. For on campus sessions we offer some food and drinks that suit the time (e.g. lunch and juices; coffee and cookies; soda and snacks). During the session a facilitator of our team guides you through one of our methods – mostly Customer Journey, Awareness Mapping, Design Thinking, or Make your Mark. You will be working in small groups with fellow teachers or study advisers from all over WUR and get the opportunity to share your experiences.. During some of the sessions we will make groups of teachers and students combined, we will always indicate this on forehand.

Stay informed of sessions and results

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