There are several types of insurance that you should consider when studying and living in Wageningen. See their coverage and what to do when you get a job or a paid internship in the Netherlands.

Healthcare Insurance

Non-Dutch students must be adequately insured for medical expenses while staying in the Netherlands. This will be checked by the registration officials when you apply for a residence permit.

European Health Insurance Card

The Netherlands has treaties regarding health insurance with all EU member states, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Morocco, most of the countries of former Yugoslavia, Tunisia, Cape Verde Islands and Australia.

If you are insured under the national health insurance scheme of one of these countries, your insurance company can provide you with a European Health Insurance Card or an international declaration form (E-111 or E-128). Make sure you bring this card or form with you to the Netherlands, and make a number of copies. You will need the card/form to see a doctor.

When to take out Private Insurance?

If your insurance does not cover your stay in the Netherlands and you cannot make use of the international treaty described above, you will have to take out private insurance. Special policies are available for international students.

The Student Service Centre can assist in arranging medical insurance (including liability) on arrival in Wageningen, but you can also arrange your medical and liability insurance in advance.
We advise you to check the coverage carefully for the following:

The insurance, ICS certificate, is offered by AON Consultants. For conditions and extent of coverage please click here. The student is of course free to take out any other private healthcare insurance.

Important! Liability Insurance

International students who have their own health insurance (other than the AON insurance offered by Wageningen University) are strongly advised to purchase liability insurance as a simple accident can easily cost you hundreds of euros in the Netherlands. This insurance can be bought with AON and costs around €40,- a year.

Collective Travel Insurance

Students participating in internships, exchange and/or conducting thesis work abroad as part of their study programme at the University are covered by the collective travel insurance of Wageningen University & Research. The costs of this travel insurance are paid for by Wageningen University & Research. The travel insurance is in force as long as the travel duration is not longer than 365 days and the students are enrolled at WUR as students. The general terms and conditions for this insurance are available here:

Insurance during a paid internship or job

Please be informed that, if you are employed in the Netherlands, you are required to take out a Dutch Basic Health Insurance. NB A paid internship is regarded a job if it pays the minimum wage a month or more. Whether or not you pay taxes is irrelevant. For info on minimum wage click here.

If your allowance is under the minimum wage, you don’t need to take out a Dutch Basic Health insurance, your AON student insurance will be sufficient.

You can apply for a Dutch Basic Health insurance online through AON-Student Insurance. You need to do this yourself, the university can’t do this for you. Instead of AON, you can also choose any other Dutch Basic Health insurance company. Check Zorgwijzer (Dutch) for info on other insurance companies.

If you need to take out a Dutch Basic Health insurance, it is advised that you choose an insurance company that allows you to easily switch between the Private Insurance and the Basic Health Insurance (such as AON). Also, please make sure you terminate your student insurance policy at the Student Desk in Forum or by sending an email to

If you continue your studies after your internship has ended, you can switch back to the AON student insurance again at the Student Desk in Forum or by sending an email to

Please note that if you are obliged to take out a Dutch Basic Health insurance. If you fail to do so, you may get a fine of around € 370, which will even increase over time.

If you want more information about which situation applies to you, please have a look at this flowchart.