Privacy: protecting your personal data

Privacy: protecting your personal data

WUR processes your data for educational purposes. In education related occassions we need to share your data. For example to support you with for example the request for a visa, taking courses at other universities and/or organizing a field trip.

How does WUR collect my data?

WUR receives your data after you finalized your application at Studielink. Besides WUR may request to provide additional information to organize for example an event or field trip.

Is WUR allowed to provide my data with other organizations?

WUR is lawfully obliged to share data. For example with DUO to validate you finalized your bachelor. Or WUR may ask your informed consent to share your data to for example organize a study related trip.

Which application are using my data?

Some WUR applications or services use your personal data. In Osiris you can see whether your personal data are correct and complete. If they are not, you are partly able to update certain information or you can contact the SCC.

How can I use privacy sensitive data during an assignment or research?

If you process personal data on behalf of WUR or a client you must follow certain rules. The 3 most important conditions are:

  • Register your data processing in the data processing register.
  • Create a data management plan. In such a plan you describe how you process your data and which security measures you provide. The WDCC and or the privacy officer ESA can support you.
  • Be sure you have a valid informed consent to process the personal data. There is mandatory information to be provided.

Can I be recorded during (online) lectures?

Yes. There are rules to ensure your privacy is protected.

Where can I address my question, remarks or complaints?

WUR is committed to processing your personal data securely. If you want to know more, ask a question or complaint? Please address these to If you are missing information in this FAQ, you are also welcome to contact us.

If you have concerns regarding the provided answers you may also contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens). 

Where can I address a data breach (= when personal data is at stake)?

A data breach occurs when personal data, such as names and email addresses, are at stake. For example if they are accidentally destroyed, changed or shared with the wrong recipients. Some examples:

  • You have shared raw research data containing lists of personal data to the wrong recipients;
  • Your credentials are stolen;
  • Your email account has been hacked, and someone sent emails to your contacts pretending from your account.

Use the data breach form to report a breach.