It's my birthday!

Last Monday I turned 21 in Paris. My last night as a twenty-year-old started by climbing the Arc de Triomphe to see the view of Paris by night. To celebrate my last hours being 20, we went to a bar at the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and drank some wine.

The next morning after class, I had a pizza and cake lunch with a lot of international exchange students. Afterwards we walked around Paris and drank hot chocolate. Around seven we went for my birthday dinner to a famous fondue place. It was really hilarious as the place is so small that you have to crawl the tables to reach your seat.  Once seated, we were served a huge bowl of cheese and a lot of meat. The wine was served in baby bottles. When we are almost at the end of our dinner, my friends started to sing for me. The whole restaurant joined in.

After dinner we went to drink at a friend’s place. Finally we ended our night at a club. For me, Paris was a great place to turn 21!