2012-2013 Student Charter

The Student Charter comprises the rights and obligations of Wageningen University students. These rights and obligations are based on Wageningen University regulations, but also on legislation that applies to students at all Dutch universities.

The Executive Board is responsible for the charter and takes care of it's yearly update, if necessary. Possible urgent changes will be made known to students via Resource and EDUweb. The Student Charter is published on the website of Wageningen University, in both Dutch and English.

Rights may be derived directly from the charter, with the exception of the passages which, despite our best efforts, are in conflict with legislation.

The charter consists of two parts: a programme specific part and an institutional part. The programme specific part, dealing with the structure and courses of each programme, may be found in the Study Handbook. The institutional part of the charter consists of the regulations mentioned on this page.

The 2012-2013 Student Charter is decided upon by the Executive Board in August 2012 after approval of the Student Council, obtained on July 4th, 2012.

Education and research

Education framework All programmes are based on the education framework of the university.
Regulations for Education and Examinations for WU bachelors and masters programmes Rules for education and examinations in the bachelors and masters programmes. Programme specific information about education and examinations may be found in the Study Handbook.
Regulations and guidelines Examining Boards Rules and guidelines for examinations in the bachelors and and masters programmes; role and responsiblities examining boards.
Code of Behaviour Foreign Languages Rules regarding the use of foreign languages in Wageningen University education.
Code of Conduct in Scientific Practice Rules which everyone involved in Wageningen University research (students and staff), is bound by.
Guidelines for working in Multicultural Settings Wageningen UR guidelines about how people should interact in an international, multicultural organisation.
Safety instructions for students The purpose of these safety instructions is to inform and instruct BSc students (and MSc students and graduates) about safety and working conditions at Wageningen University.

Student facilities and study supervision

Student Facilities Description of the student facilities, different from education facilities.
Study Supervision and Student Counselling Description of the study supervision and student counselling facilities.
Studying with a functional limitation Description of the support for students with a functional limitation.

Financial regulations

Regulation WU contribution to students' expenses Regulation about what expenses of students are for the account of the university and what expenses are for the account of students themselves.
Profiling Fund Fund combining a number of financial support regulations: 1) Student Financial Support Regulation (FOS). 2) Extra study financing for students in Social Sciences masters programmes. 3) Study Grants for non-EER students. 4) Social Emergency Fund.
Regulation Vaccinations and Travel Funding Regulation for the funding of vaccination and travel costst for minors, internships and theses abroad.

Rights, obligations and legal protection students

2012-2013 Regulations for Enrolment (regular) Rights and obligations of Wageningen University students, enrolled 'as a student' or 'as an extraneus'.
2012-2013 Regulations for enrolment (non-regular) Rights and obligations of Wageningen students, enrolled different from 'as a student' or 'as an extraneus'.
Legal protection students Regulations and procedures on legal protection. Important in case a student does not agree with or feels his interests are damaged by a decision. Including paragraphs about privacy, working conditions and the use of WUR network, ombuds function (WU and national), confidential advisor, copright and disciplinary measures.
Protection of Personal Dataregulations Regulations in which the university explains how personal data are protected.
Network regulations Code of behaviour for the use of Wageningen UR network facilities.
Regulations for Camera Surveillance Regulations concerning the use of surveillance cameras at Wageningen UR.