SG - Cultured Meat

In 2013 Mark Post presented the first ‘cultured meat’ hamburger, made from lab-grown meat. It turned out to be quite tasty, but very expensive.

Organisator Studium Generale

di 1 maart 2022 20:00

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

About Cultured Meat

Cultured meat (also known as 'cultivated' meat, or in Dutch ‘kweekvlees’) is an emerging area of biotechnology that aims to address environmental, sustainability and animal welfare issues associated with traditionally reared meat production, by growing meat directly from animal cells. In 2013, prof. dr. Mark Post (Maastricht University) and WUR alumnus Peter Verstrate (MSc Food Chemistry) presented the proof-of-concept cultivated beef burger, and in 2016 they founded the company Mosa Meat to further develop the technology and produce beef at scale. Globally there are now over ninty companies in this new field of 'cellular agriculture' aiming to make the same familiar animal products, while reducing the dependence on animals in the process. So, what is cultivated meat exactly? What are the most recent developments in the field? And what are the broader implications and challenges to bring cultured beef to consumers? Tim van de Rijdt from Mosa Meat will share the latest updates and answer your questions.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, professor Post has had to withdraw from giving this lecture. We are thankful that his colleague Tim van de Rijdt now will share his expertise with us.

About series ‘Cultured Meat, Milk and Cheese – A Revolution Underway?’

Meat, grown in a bioreactor. Real cheese and milk, lab-grown using yeast to produce proteins. Is there a revolution underway which will make livestock farming redundant?

About Tim van de Rijdt

Tim van de Rijdt
Tim van de Rijdt

Tim van de Rijdt is the Chief Marketing Officer of Mosa Meat, overseeing all aspects of marketing, customer experience, and stakeholder relationships. 
This includes creation, planning and execution of the brand strategy across Public Affairs, PR, Digital, Social and Ambassadors. Managing agency relationships. Part of the senior leadership team, reporting directly to the CEO. Representing marketing in board meetings and fundraising. 

Tim joined Mosa Meat in 2017 from Google where for 10 years he held several consumer and business marketing positions, bringing new technologies to market across Europe (from Search, Maps, Chrome and Google Assistant, to April Fool's tech like the ‘Self-Driving Bicycle’). Before Google, he spent 6 years at market research startup Newcom, a spin-off from the University of Twente, where he obtained a Master Degree in Marketing Communication in 2005.