SG - Degrowth in the Global South

Does degrowth promote a new form of green colonialism? Doesn't development require growth to take place?

Organisator Studium Generale

di 10 oktober 2023 20:00

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

About series Demystifying Degrowth

Emerging from academic debates, degrowth has caught the imagination of a wide variety of groups. The movement echoes from grassroots organisations to the EU Parliament. Come and join us in exploring the different aspects of degrowth!

About Degrowth in the Global South

It is common to hear that degrowth only makes sense in the Global North. But whether this assertion is sensible depends on the definition of degrowth we use. Degrowth calls for ecological reparations to address the harm done by colonial extractivist development, but also risks becoming an exclusive project in Europe. In the second evening of the degrowth series, Julien-François Gerber and climate justice activist Tonny Nowshin explore the contentious relationship between degrowth and the Global South.

About Julien-François Gerber

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Dr. Julien-François Gerber is Associate Professor in Environment and Development at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) in The Hague and holds a PhD in political ecology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Before that, he was a faculty member in Bhutan, in India, and at Harvard University. He is broadly interested in the political economy of sustainability and development, and he did fieldwork in rural Cameroon, Ecuador, and Indonesia. He has published on debt, ownership systems, agrarian change, social movements, economic theory, and psychoanalysis.

About Tonny Nowshin

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Tonny Nowshin is an economist, climate justice and degrowth activist.Tonny grew up in Bangladesh. She was active in social movements in Bangladesh from her early teenage years. Professionally at the moment, her work focuses on fossil fuel finance. She is working with The Sunrises Project as a Finance Campaigner. In her activist work, she focuses on centring the concept of climate justice at the core of the climate and degrowth movement by putting forward antiracist and decolonial perspectives.