SG - Framing of refugee migration

How does the framing of refugee migration shift perceptions and influence solidarity & collective memory?

Organisator Studium Generale

di 18 oktober 2022 20:00

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

What do the images of refugees and their framing in the media do to collective memory and solidarity? From migrants packed in inflatable boats, to volunteers handing out teddy bears in train stations: images in the media of people fleeing have an influence on how refugee migration is perceived. What story sticks? And how does it impact collective memory and as such influence future of responses to those in need? Professor of Migration History Marlou Schrover will share her expertise drawing on historical comparison with examples from around the world, and explore what the impacts are of discourses and images when it comes to refugees.

About series Refugees

People have fled wars, disaster, hunger and persecution throughout history. Less constant is the extent to which they have been received with open arms. Explore collective solidarity with refugees through the lenses of legal theory, historical media sociology, and, the experience of those on the run.

About Marlou Schrover

Marlou Schrover is a professor of Migration History at Leiden University. In the last years she has published mainly on migration after 1945. She recently acquired a large NWA grant for her project 'Dilemmas of doing diversity'. She is editor in chief of the Journal of Migration History.