SG - On the Future of Livestock Farming

The production of cultured, meat, milk and cheese in biotechnological ways looks like a direct threat for traditional livestock farmers. But can it also be an opportunity?

Organisator Studium Generale

di 15 maart 2022 20:00

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

About On the Future of Livestock Farming

Will the production of cultured meat, milk and cheese open up new ways ahead for livestock farmers? Prof. dr. Cor van der Weele presents her research into this question, while Ira van Eelen will tell about her efforts to realise a first pilot farm. They will also pay attention to objections and to stumbling blocks on this road. The more general question that emerges is: what forms could or should livestock farming take in the future?

About series ‘Cultured Meat, Milk and Cheese – A Revolution Underway?’

Meat, grown in a bioreactor. Real cheese and milk, lab-grown using yeast to produce proteins. Is there a revolution underway which will make livestock farming redundant?

About Cor van der Weele

Cor van der Weele
Cor van der Weele

Emeritus professor Cor van der Weele - with a background in biology and philosophy - was special professor of humanistic philosophy at Wageningen University. She has been studying changing appreciations of meat and cultured meat for the last twelve years in order to understand processes of change during the protein transition. In her most recent project she wondered if and how cultured meat might be an opportunity for farmers.

About Ira van Eelen

Ira van Eelen
Ira van Eelen

Ira van Eelen is proud to be able to work on two passions. Cultured meat as legacy from her father and preventive oral healthcare as gift to her son. Ira’s father, Willem van Eelen, was one of pioneers of the creation and production of cultured meat.
Ira is the chairperson of the ‘Invitromeat Foundation’ founded by her father in 2002, member of food company JUST’s advisory board, Senior consultant of Cellular Agricultural Society CAS, Co-founder of Kind Earth Tech Food Europe, and writer of the foreword to the Dutch, French and German translation of Paul Shapiro’s book “Clean Meat”.