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Summer School Green Genetics

Are you a student? Is the plant breeding world your field of interest? Do terms like green genetics, horticulture & plant breeding sound familiar? Then we invite you to participate in this Summer School! It is free of charge and a great learning experience. The Dutch plant breeding and propagation industry is an innovative and knowledge intensive industrial branch which has a leading position in the world. Graduates with an education in plant sciences or breeding can start a blooming career in this sector, with many challenges to develop themselves professionally and personally.

Organisator Wageningen Academy
Duur 5 days
Format Op locatie
Certificaat Certificaat
Groepsformaat 21-40

The next edition for this programme is not scheduled yet.

You'll walk away with

After succesfully attending this Summer School you will:

  • Know the basic topics in plant breeding.
  • Have been the special guest of 5-6 worldwide leading breeding companies.
  • Know the Wageningen Campus, including some research facilities and laboraties.
  • Have met many experts, likewise minded other participants and employees from the plant breeding companies.

Is this Summer School for you?

The programme is developed for 2nd and 3rd year Academic BSc students and 3rd year professional BSc students in one of the following fields; (applied) biology, biotechnology, laboratory techniques, plant science, horticulture and agronomy. Also we ask at least basic knowledge of genetics, statistics, molecular biology and plant physiology as well as a good understanding of the English language.

Programme & topics

The Summer School Green Genetics consist of a great mixture of lectures, WUR research facility visits, company visits, a company market, some practical, hands on training and a network drink. At the beginning of the week the focus lays upon theory and later on in the week more company visits will be made.

More information

Questions? Contact the programme manager Liesbeth Vallinga.