What to do in an emergency

If you are a student at Wageningen University & Research and are in an emergency, there are several options to get in contact.

Phone 112 EMERGENCY NUMBER for life-threatening emergencies. 

Please note that this number is for life-threatening emergencies only. Inappropriate use of this number will result in a considerable fine.

Non-life threatening emergencies

In case of a non-life threatening medical emergency, call your own doctor or the emergency number of GP Van der Duin & Van Dinter:

  • 0317-413734 (between 08.00 – 17.00 hrs)
  • 0318 434444 (during the weekend and between 17.00 – 08.00 hrs, only use this number for medical problems which cannot wait until the next day).

Other non-life threatening emergency numbers:

  • Police: 0900 8844
  • Fire Brigade: 0317 412237
  • Dentist: 0318 434343
  • Pharmacy: 0318 437990

At work

For emergencies at work, please follow the instructions for your specific building, which should be posted in labs and rooms.