Want to contribute to the activities and events at Wageningen University & Research? You can find all activities and all the information you need via WURkForce.

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For and by students

Via WURkForce, students of Wageningen University & Research can help us organise various activities and events. In return, you will receive a volunteer's reimbursement determined in advance. Sign up for the klusjeslijst that is sent out each week and see if any of the listed activities suit you. Don't forget to take a look at the terms of participation.

Are you a WUR employee and are you planning an activity or event that students could help you with? WURkForce can only be used to post activities performed on behalf of the Corporate Communications & Marketing (CC&M) department.

Note for international students: only valid for Dutch and EU students. There are some exceptions for students from outside the EU.

Are you looking for a job?

As a WUR student, you can perform jobs for employees of the CC&M department. These assignments or activities are subject to a standard volunteer's reimbursement, and do not involve an employment contract.

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Are you curious about the terms and conditions of performing assignments? Take a look at the terms of participation for WURkForce activities.

WURkForce terms of participation

Do you need help with a job?

Are you an employee of Wageningen University & Research and are you looking for students that can help you? Only employees of the CC&M department are allowed to place events or activities, and only those organised by or for the CC&M department.

Interested students receive the WURkForce newsletter around lunchtime every Tuesday. Activities or assignments submitted before 16:00 on Monday are included in the Tuesday newsletter.

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