Social activities

Socializing with a distance: how to stay connected in times of Corona?

Although we have to significantly alter our social interactions, there are still many ways to interact with others! Many student associations and other Wageningen-based organizations organize plenty social activities. Therefore the WUR gathered the best, most fun and social-distance proof activities and initiatives in Wageningen to stay connected with your friends, fellow students and the Wageningen community! From pub-quizzes to helping the elderly with doing groceries: here you can find the best activities to #stayconnected.

Quiet is the New Loud!

Popcultuur Wageningen will organise a new Quiet is the New Loud! The acoustic duo Garden in Gloom, will perform on wednesday 10 June in Wageningen. Check out Garden in Gloom on youtube here. The evening is divided in 3 shifts to ensure the RIVM rules can be followed properly. The different performanes will be at 20:30-21:00, 21:15-21:45 and 22:00-22:30. So make sure you arrive just in time: not too early and not too late! Make sure to reservere your ticket in time here.


Inspiration workshops for students at the Pantarijn

Not only university students, but also secondary school students  have to deal with online education. To keep their students motivated in the secondary school in Wageningen, The Panterijn, uses 'inspiration workshops' where people from outside the school come into the classroom to inspire the students about a certain subject. These subjects can be anything: your study, an interesting hobby, the culture in your home-country or a fun exercise you want to do with the students.

Due to the situation with the corona virus, there are no physical lessons and of course no people can come into the classroom. But every morning the teacher starts the day digitally with the students. To keep their students engaged they would love to have some WUR students that share a (short) story with their students. If you would like to tell the students more about a topic that you find interesting, please contact (with the topic you would like to discuss). The online presentation should last approximately 15 minutes and should be accessible and understandable for students aged 12-15.

"Please don't hesitate to reach out! If you doubt if your topic is of interest to the children or if you would like to discuss your idea then we can link you to their teacher so you can discuss your idea." 


Virtual Escape Room

Have you ever done an escape room? 

This is a game in which a team of players cooperatively discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in one or more rooms in order to progress and accomplish a specific goal in a limited amount of time.

Of course, due to the corona crisis, it is not possible to go to an escape room with your friends but now 18 escape room owners have worked together to create a new (free) game which can be played at home with your family or roommates.

You will be thrown into a story that hearkens back to the Second World War. The story is packed with emotion and a wide variety of puzzles giving it a playtime of between 3 and 10 hours.

You can find the link to the game here. Have fun!

Student initiatives

ISOW @home tutorial

The ISOW (International Student Organization Wageningen) made it possible to follow their courses online! Events include a language cafe, art competitions, game nights and many more! There is a course almost every day so there is no need to get bored! Do you want to step up your language game? Join ‘Spanish conversation’ on zoom on Monday at 7 PM or ‘Arabic intermediate’ on Wednesday and Saturday at 7PM. There is also a ‘language cafe’ every Tuesday at 8Pm on discord. Prefer to move some more? Try our their belly dancing classes every Thursday! If you want some more social contact and would like to challenge your inner competitiveness, join the game night on discord every Thursday at 8PM. Last but not least, show your most creative artworks at the weekly art competition on discord every Monday.

To join, simply send ISOW a message on their social media channels and you will receive the link! We hope you have fun and make the best of these times! Stay healthy and keep distance.

About discord: Discord is an application that can host online communities, combining text chat, audio and video. While ISOW uses it for their different online events, the servers are also open the rest of the time, so people can just log in and interact online with each other, even if there are no events live. Although there servers are available via an internet navigator, we recommend downloading the software to have a better experience. You can do so via this link.

When you are online on discord, you can join one of ISOW’s servers by clicking on the different links. You can find their main server ‘ISOW at home’ here.


Welsaam is a Wageningen-based initiative that bundles the experience and expertise of 28 (local) organizations to help these people that have difficulty to find their way in society. On their website, they gathered some great local initiatives to help others, stay healthy and stay connected. Here we highlight some activities. However, for a full overview you can visit their website here, to see what you can do!


In the past weeks many of us have discovered the wonders of Netflix, Videoland and Disney+. However, after six weeks of binge-watching your favourite shows you know them all by heart and it’s time for something new. Or new? Maybe you want to go back to the good old days and watch some of your childhood favourites! The COVIDEOTHEEK takes you back to your childhood with their collection of  hundreds of DVDs that you will not find anywhere else for free! Curious to their collection and how it works? Sit back, relax, and enjoy your childhood favourites!
*This is a non-commercial initiative and therefore DVDs are offered for free. If you have any old DVDs that you’d like to donate yourself you can contact them on the page as well.

Find the COVIDEOTHEEK here.  

Soup for the elderly

These days, elderly have a hard time staying at home and often feel lonely without their daily visits. The student initiative “Changemakers” offers a home soup delivery to warm up their day! Do you want to nominate an elderly person or are you interested in volunteering with Changemakers? Send an email to to help the elderly and brighten up their day!


Do you have an idea for an activity, or are you organizing an activity or campaign for fellow students that you would like to share with us? Send an email to and we will add your initiative to this page!