How to apply for WURth-while

How to apply for WURth-while

WURth-while students can participate in BSc and MSc course of Wageningen University after being admitted by the coordinators of WURth-while and the course itself.

How to select a course

  • Go to the course catalogue, there you can find all the courses
  • To filter for courses of your interest, select a chair group on the left in the course catalogue
  • Also select the period for which you want to apply (for dates see calendar below)
  • Choose a course that interests you, you can follow per period

Tip: The first number in a course code indicates the type or level of the course:

  • 1 = introductory, 2 = continuing, 3 = in depth, 5 = capita selecta

When do the courses run?

The WUR academic year has 6 course periods. You can do one course per period. For details, see Calendar Academic Year.

Please check the course period of the course you want to apply for. Keep in mind that the course admission procedure takes some time.

Calendar academic year 2023-2024
Period Start End Final registration date
1 04 September 2023 27 October 2023 12 July 2023
2 30 October 2023 22 December 2023 01 October 2023
3 08 January 2024 02 February 2024 26 November 2023
4 12 February 2024 08 March 2024 14 January 2024
5 11 March 2024 03 May 2024 11 February 2024
6 13 May 2024 05 July 2024 07 April 2024

Please keep the registration deadlines in mind. Applications received after the deadline cannot be considered. If the course has a maximum number of participants, the deadline is a week earlier. This is indicated in the coursebook.

    Online courses

    If you are not certain you are able to follow a course at Wageningen University for any reason, take a look that our MOOCs. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses and gives you the possibility to increase your knowledge from the comfort of your own home. Wageningen offers multiple MOOCs, which can be found here.

    If you want to follow a MOOCs, please still apply to WURth-while and indicate that you want to follow a MOOC.