2.3 Effective consumer centric labelling strategies to restore trust

The world is confronted with large-scale food-related issues. An alarming increase of obesity and food-related diseases coexist with malnourishment. Additionally, food consumption patterns are associated with a high environmental impact, such as decrease in biodiversity and climate change.

Many of these food-related issues can be reduced with the transition towards plant-based diets. However, although these issues have been visible for decades, the current consumption patterns of consumers have not drastically changed.

Highlighting the importance of focusing on behavior change

Consumer labels are necessary to provide consumers with open, honest, transparent and understandable information to make informed choices. Informing consumers about food products regarding health, the environment and animal welfare can promote them to change their food choices towards more plant-based options. However, it remains unclear which labelling strategies are most effective, why labelling strategies can be effective and what the possibilities are when companies are considered. This will be further examined within this project.