3.2 Resilience (vulnerability to changing conditions) of the Innovative food production systems

To realise innovative food production systems without loss of resilience to health threats, studies will have to be performed to evaluate what factors need to be assessed to monitor the resilience of such food production systems. The integrated approaches of resilient novel food production systems will need to be studied to define how to realise optimal management and optimal production using local resources.

Vulnerabilities of new and innovative production methods may be unknown and therefore assessment of such is indicated. In such assessments, the health of primary sources like plants and animals will be very important. Secondly, the vulnerability of the next part of the production chain, in which primary products are processed, will also need to be studied.When it comes to the socioeconomic aspects of food production in the EU, self-sufficiency of food production may also be an aspect of increasing importance. The aim will be to evaluate what is needed to realise consolidated transition towards resilient food production methods/systems with novel integrated approaches (in terms of management, breeding, feeding, local resources use, etc.) defined for different global change scenarios.