Resonate aims to adapt forest management to cope with climate-induced forest decline. While forest owners across Europe recognize that climate change impacts their forests, only 1/3 reported having already modified their management practices. E.g. in Central Europe and in Netherlands mortality is increasing fast in forest due to drought and bark beetles. Resonate will increase both scientific and practical understanding on how the resilience of Europes forests can be improved both in the short and the long-term, and how to provide decision-support for active resilience enhancement.

We will develop operational guidelines for measuring and evaluating resilience. Then we will identify drivers of forest-based value chain resilience in 20 exemplar cases (value chains covering the European, national, and regional level). Although none of the cases is situated in the Netherlands, they still have a large influence on the Dutch wood market, as the Netherlands is a large importer of wood (see below relevantie). We will then inform policy makers about demand resilience through a resilience ladder about forest owners capacity to adapt to climatic change, in an intense stakeholder process, raising awareness. Lastly, we will develop resilience modules for university courses, and practice oriented material.