Use cases 3D food printing

The aim of the project is to create use-cases for targeted 3D printed food applications (first phase), and to test these applications in a real-life commercial setting (next phases). Some of the possible application areas are personalized nutrition in the healthcare domain and specific applications in food service and retail. For these use cases we will develop a prototype 3D printing system, we will work on product formulation, we will perform consumer research, and we will jointly further develop the targeted business cases.

Innovation in food and agriculture has come a long way in the past century, resulting in the production of more food than ever before. However, the food industry is facing new challenges due to rapid societal changes: in 2040 there will be 9 billion people to feed; there is an increasing demand for personalized, nutritious, and healthy food; and food production should be done in an affordable way without harming the environment. Radical innovations are required to meet the demands of the near future. 3D printing provides the food industry the opportunity to adapt and change. In order to accelerate and facilitate the application of 3D food printing processes in the food industry, we want to assist a group of leading food industrial partners to define use- and business cases using 3D printing, along with gaining initial practical experiments based on WFBR state of the art 3D printing facilities.