Material Acquisition Agreement for collecting missions

The following section contains the text section of the Material Acquisition Agreement. It is used for collecting expeditions and sometimes for other material uptakes by CGN.

The Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands (CGN) manages a bank of plant genetic resources under a mandate of the Netherlands government. CGN has traditionally adhered to a policy of unrestricted availability of germplasm held in its genebank. In the interest of keeping this material available for future research and utilization, CGN has undertaken not to claim legal ownership over the germplasm held in its genebank, or to seek any intellectual property rights over that germplasm or related information. To ensure continued free availability of the germplasm CGN passes on the same obligations to all future recipients of its germplasm.

CGN will hold the germplasm in trust under the terms of an agreement between CGN and the Netherlands government confirming a policy of unrestricted availability of germplasm held in its genebank, store it in its facilities, periodically regenerate it when needed, duplicate it for security reasons, provide long-term conservation, and repatriate it upon request of the authorities representing the State holding sovereign rights over this germplasm.