Dealing with Salinisation

The salinization of agricultural areas as a result of abstraction of water, land subsidence and intensive land use will increase as a result of climate change. This will lead to significant yield losses in agriculture. Salinization is a global, regional and local problem. It threatens food production and feasibility in vulnerable coastal regions (such as those of e.g. The Netherlands, Indonesia, Bangladesh and India) and has global consequences for food security. How should we deal with this issue and which solutions are available to us, and how can Wageningen University & Research contribute to possible solutions?

In this project we will analyse the impact of the salinisation problem nowadays and in the (nearby) future, the relationship with climate change and the associated future loss of yield;  we will analyse the ‘state of the art’ how to deal with salinisation and which innovative methods are available to us to keep yield loss as low as possible; and we will connect to Living labs to establish possible upscaling mechanisms. A 'research agenda' will developed describing how Wageningen University & Research, with which groups, can contribute with research and knowledge to solving this problem.