Gezonde en veilige productie op basis van Reverse Design

The on-going consumer interest in improved sustainability, healthfulness, and safety of the food they consume is evident. As a result, the agro-food industry has made efforts in improving the way food is produced, processed, and consumed. However, in practice, sustainability, health, and safety issues have been viewed as mutually exclusive and disparate approaches within the agri-food industry are followed. In reality, the interconnection between these domains all influence the success and acceptance of food products and processes. In the near future, a holistic assessment platform to assure food safety from the start which integrates the interrelated issues surrounding sustainability and health, as well as economic and consumer issues is necessary. Such an assessment platform combined with reverse engineering methodologies allows stakeholders to determine the global effects of ensuring safe, healthy and sustainable food and their effect on the economic, consumer, environmental and production domains within the food industry.

The overall aim of this strategic project is to develop a multi-dimensional assessment platform for the agro-food industry to integrate environmental sustainability, healthfulness, safety and quality of food, taking into consideration consumer drivers, risk-benefit for manufacturers and processors, raw material selection and economic robustness.